Story of Boran Boru Inc

Boran Boru Inc is an independent supplier of construction materials delivering from a number of locations across Turkey. The company was formed in Ankara in 2002 to supply complete packages of piping materials. We have grown steadily over the years by being involved in many of the largest projects and MRO contracts in Turkey. Today, Boran Boru supplies variety of construction products to the domestic market as well as countries all over the world and make contributions to Turkish industry and exports.

Our company is dedicated to becoming a “single trusted source” to construction supplies by performing above all standards and expectations and offering competitive prices through its unrivalled network and long standing presence in the market.


Add value to our partners’ businesses and create strong trade partnerships over the long run.

Our core values:
- Ethics
- Transparency and reliability
- Integrity
- Technical competence
- Continuous improvement
- Sustainability


To perform an excellent customer experience especially to the companies who import construction supplies and maximize our reputation in the market.